All-Natural Heartburn Remedy

Reflux rescue from the sea.

Khelp™ is the only MD-backed reflux solution for long-term and pregnancy use.

Safe for pregnancy

100% natural highest purity ingredients

Dye and artificial sweetener free

Harmless for long-term use

Prevents full spectrum of reflux symptoms

Sustainably Sourced

Made in USA


Formulated by an MD

Khelp is an all-natural supplement that eliminates heartburn and acid reflux.

Formulated with Alginate, a natural extract derived from a unique seaweed species, Khelp creates a protective gel barrier in the stomach, preventing acid from reaching your esophagus and putting an end to uncomfortable heartburn and acid reflux.

Khelp is the only MD and science-backed reflux solution safe for both extended use and during pregnancy. With Khelp, you can find relief without compromising your well-being, as it doesn't interact with your body, ensuring no harmful side effects.*

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Gut Reactions

We conducted a five-day nationwide study through an independent research firm to test the efficacy of Khelp. See what participants had to say.

"It was fast-acting, like Tums. Only difference is that it lasted longer."

— Amanda

"I was very pleased with your product and definitely impressed! Thank you for caring and taking the time to make the best quality and working products."

— Cheryl

"I found Khelp to be extremely effective, easy to swallow, and fast-acting. I was happily surprised to find an all-natural supplement that works as effectively as pharmaceutical solutions."

— Robert

"I was able to sleep through the night without acid reflux issues!"

— Mary

“I didn’t expect something natural to work so fast and effectively. This exceeded my expectations and completely relieved my symptoms.

— Darlene


Of participants experienced benefits within 1-4 days


Of participants experienced full symptom relief


Of participants rated Khelp more effective than their current reflux treatment, including prescription drugs


Clean ingredients, sustainably sourced and science-backed.

HartSpan is dedicated to enhancing longevity naturally with both science-backed and MD-approved solutions, prioritizing the long-term wellness of individuals and the planet.