Guiding people towards a more
natural approach to health.

Our Story

HartSpan is a wellness and longevity brand focused on extending healthy years of life with all-natural supplements and solutions. The name “HartSpan” symbolizes the heart’s connection to an extended, vibrant life.

Our founder, Jaclyn Lineback, has had a life-long interest in health and wellness and developed a passion for longevity when observing the struggles and health challenges of her beloved grandparents. Guided by her father, a chest physician, who values healthy lifestyle choices and prevention, she learned to prioritize natural solutions over pharmaceuticals.

Recognizing the pitfalls of an unregulated supplement industry, HartSpan is dedicated to providing all-natural, scientifically proven and MD -backed solutions targeted to address common health conditions.

Out first product, Khelp™, is a natural, “functional” supplement designed to combat acid reflux and heartburn.

HartSpan is not just a brand; it’s a commitment to nurturing wellness and long-term health. Welcome to a place where science, well-being, and longevity converge.

Our values

Clearly decode common health conditions.

Empower people and their long-term health.

Create solutions for all-natural wellness.


Here for the health of the planet too.

Calming the waves of acid reflux straight from the Chilean coast.

Did you know that as seaweed approaches the end of its life cycle, it naturally separates from rocks and floats in the ocean?

This is good news for us!

It means we don’t have to interrupt a thriving ecosystem, and our partners in Chile simply harvest the seaweed that naturally washes up on their shore.

Once we pull the Alginate needed to make our all-natural, gut-protecting product, whatever is left is used in feed, fertilizer, and soil conditioner, which further reduces the CO2 and methane gases released from marine debris.

Ingredient sourcing

- Non-GMO
- Sustainably harvested kelp
- Once Alginate is removed, the seaweed
leftovers are used in fertilizer and animal feed


- 100% recyclable
- Single-material polyethylene pouch
- Post-consumer recycled Kraft mailers
- Lower emissions from reduced weight